Application Notes


Application notes in relation with IC-EMC have been released starting 2009 to illustrate some specific aspects of EMC modeling of ICs, in order to avoid oversizing the IC-EMC user's manual. Some new case studies have been described, as well as some specific aspects of modelling (BCI probe, effects of temperature, package model, etc.). The application notes may be proposed for publication in this web page. Please contact the authors for more information.


TQFP package

TQFP package modelling from the extraction of parasitc inductance, resistance and capacitance of a TQFP100


BCI Probe

Construction of the equivalent electrical model of a BCI probe valid up to 1 GHz


CESAME Near-field emission model

CESAME case study about the prediction of the near field emission of a digital core from ICEM model and comparison with near-field scan measurements


L4949 LDO Regulator immunity model

Case study about modeling of susceptibility of a low dropout voltage regulator (LDO) L4949 in direct power injection (DPI), with comparisons between measurements and simulation


Emission model of a Freescale 32-bit microcontroller MPC 5534

Electromagnetic conducted and radiated emission (EME) modeling based on ICEM of a 32-bit microcontroller designed for automotive purposes MPC 5534 from Freescale, on a complex BGA.


3G Power Amplifier in Near-field

Construction of a near-field emission model related to a power amplifier used for 3rd generation mobile platform


PLL in a 0.25 μm SMARTMOS product Freescale

Modelling of the power distribution network of a phase-locked loop implemented in a commercial SmartMos product from Freescale, in order to predict the amount of conducted interference coupled within the chip. The IC has been designed in 0.25µm.


Emission and susceptibility models of the MC9S12XDP512

Description of the full process of construction of emission and susceptibility models for a complex circuit: a MC9S12XDP512 microcontroller from Freescale.


IC-EMC Expert on Infineon TriCore

Illustration of the tool ICEM Model Expert, used to construct a first order ICEM model of an advanced 32-bit microcontroller dedicated to automotive applications.


Effects of temperature on devices, simulation using WinSpice


Application note the performance variation with temperature of MOS devices and propose a temperature-linear model for capacitance


S12X Case study (emission, immunity)

An emission and susceptibility models for a 16-bit microcontroller S12X has been constructed, and addresses the radiated


Op-amp susceptibility modeling

The application note describes he construction of simple models of two op-amp (one is a EMI robust op-amp) to predict susceptibility to harmonic conducted disturbances.




Update Jan 25, 2020