Exercises and problems


A list of exercises and problems are provided here. They are related to various aspects of EMC of ICs. Most of them are based on simulation with IC-EMC. Some others are based on experiments. Please contact the authors for corrections or support to adapt them.


Design of a filter of the conducted emission of a AC/DC flyback converter

Design of the input and output filters of a AC/DC flyback converter, selection and modeling of passive devices (capacitors, common-mode choke) compliance to EN55022 conducted emission limit

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Radiated emission from a digital line

Estimation of radiated emission produced by a PCB trace driven by a digital IC, signal integrity, comparison of filtering component (resistor, inductor, ferrite)

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SSFM on class-D amplifier

Experiments about the Spread-Spectrum Frequency Modulation, influence on the radiation emission of an audio class D amplifier.

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External ESD protection design

Simulation of IEC61000-4-2 ESD pulse applied on ESD input pad, design of basic external protection (resistor, capacitor, TVS)

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Susceptibility of a reset input

Simulation of reset line to radiated disturbance and ESD pulse, PCB guidelines and filtering.

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Reducing emission from a class-D amplifier

Analysis of the basic techniques to reduce conducted emission produced by power switching devices (transition time, EMC filter, influence of common-mode current).

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Simulating conducted immunity (DPI) of CAN transceiver

Modeling DPI test bench, CAN transceiver, common-mode vs. differential-mode disturbance

Correction of book exercises

Corrections of the exercises of the book Basis of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits.


Update Jan 03, 2022