Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has become a major concern for integrated circuits (ICs), which is still not perfectly understood by electronic designers. Electromagnetic emission and immunity issues need to be thoroughly understood by professionals to successfully design their ICs, packages or printed circuit boards (PCB). Modelling constitutes a powerful way of analysing the root cause of EMC problems, predicting EMC performance or validating a design to mitigate an EMC problem before fabrication. This book is dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students and engineers in electronic design who want to learn more about EMC at IC level. The content of the book covers the basic notions for learning how to model circuits and their surrounding environment (PCB) with respect to emission, immunity and signal integrity issues. This book is accompagnied by the freeware IC-EMC to illustrate theoretical concepts as well as practical case studies. The book also provides a series of exercises.
Table of contents:
Ch 1 - Introduction
Ch 2 - World of ICs
Ch 3 - Basic concepts
Ch 4 - Overview of EMC issues
Ch 5 - Modelling passive devices
Ch 6 - Modelling PCB interconnects
Ch 7 - EMC measurement fundamentals
Ch 8 - Standard measurement methods for IC emission
Ch 9 - Standard measurement methods for IC susceptibility
Ch 10 - Integrated circuits packaging and interfaces
Ch 11 - Modelling IC emission
Ch 12 - Modelling IC susceptibility - Basic concepts


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390 pages


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Chapter 3 (IC-EMC schematics)

Chapter 4 (IC-EMC schematics)

Chapter 5 (IC-EMC schematics)

Chapter 6 (IC-EMC schematics)

Chapter 7 (IC-EMC schematics)

Chapter 8 (IC-EMC schematics)

Chapter 9 (IC-EMC schematics)

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12 (IC-EMC schematics)



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