Understand and improve EMC of PCB


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a major concern for electronic equipments, which is still not perfectly understood by designers. Electromagnetic emission and immunity issues need to be thoroughly understood by professionals to successfully design their printed circuit boards (PCB). A careful placement and routing of PCB can improve significantly EMC. However, applying the adequate guideline requires a good understanding of electromagnetic issues associated to PCB. Otherwise, the modification applied at PCB level may be inefficient.
This training is dedicated to technicians, engineers, researchers involved in electronic design who want to clarify the origin of EMC issues at PCB level and learn the techniques to fix them. No prerequisites in EMC are required. Only basic knowledges about electronic, PCB design and manufacturing are necessary.
The objective of this training is twofold:
  • Clarify EMC issues at PCB level, demystify the electromagnetic concepts related to these issues, understand their effect on electronic equipments, propose simple tools to evaluate EMC performances of PCB
  • Present the main placement and routing techniques to improve EMC of PCB, learn how to analyze and manage EMC at PCB level, validate these techniques on real case studies
The concepts presented during the courses will be illustrated through hardware and software demos with IC-EMC.





Day 1: Basis

Basic concepts for EMC at PCB level: Tools to identify EMC issues at PCB level:

Day 2 - EMC rules for PCB design - part 1

EMC design rules for signal integrity: EMC design rules for power integrity: EMC design rules to reduce radiated emission: Case study 1: Improve EMC of a digital board


Day 3 - EMC rules for PCB design - part 2

EMC design rules to reduce conducted emission: Case study 2: Improve EMC of a DC-DC converter EMC design rules for mixed-signal board: Case study 3: Improve EMC of a mixed-signal board Conclusion:



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Update: November 24, 2017